Notix for Affiliates: One Tool Worth Trying

Working in affiliate marketing is a constant problem-solving struggle, to improve your performance. And the simplest, fastest way you can do it is by trial and error.

To this extent, you must’ve tried by now several strategies and tools that didn’t quite get you what you’re looking for. Or, maybe it’s just time to upgrade your game.

But what if you could skip the trial and error part, and go straight to the problem-solving, which is, improving your campaign’s performance?

Notix can help you. How, you ask?

By simply implementing our Push notifications on your Landing pages and websites. And you won’t only get more conversions!

Instead, you get a multipurpose tool that will also help you reconvert, collect, and segment audiences, and diversify your campaign strategy.

Notix can benefit you, and in a great way!

How so? Because it will help you:


The profit-wise benefits that Notix will bring to your campaigns are due to the fact that this technology can reach audiences in various stages of engagement.

Whether your need is to reach a user that simply viewed your offers, clicked, or actually converted on them, with Push you’re sure to succeed. And we’re not just saying so, we tested it.

As for the tech-wise aspects, they’re pretty much self-explanatory. However, let’s see more into detail how you can set up Notix’s push notifications for your pages or landers.

The integration is simple, and won’t take much of your time. Implementing Notix’s tags on your landing page is a quick and easy process.

You will only need to put the tag in the <head> section of your source’s code, and the service worker file in the root directory. Right after that, you’ll see the subscription opt-in prompt.

Also, even just one tag will be enough to cover all your traffic, by sorting all subscribers into segments and targeting them separately.

However, you can create as many tags as you need since there is no limitation from that point of view.

Keep in mind that our Push notifications will only work with secured domains (HTTPS).

Making Notix’s Push Notifications work for you

All you need to do is just go over these 5 steps to monetize Notix’s Push Notifications:

  1. Put the Notix scripts on your landing page.
  2. Collect a database.
  3. Send messages with a variety of targeting options.
  4. Automate the messages with Notix’s scheduling and recurring settings. For a boost in conversions, we recommend you use our best practices guide, to make the most of your push campaign.
  5. Enjoy counting the free additional conversions that you get.

Now, that doesn’t look hard, right? That’s what we thought!

And here’s an easy example, to get you going: let’s say you’re working with a sweepstake offer. You could implement Notix to your LP, and collect subscribers.

Since they’ve already been on your landing page, they’re familiar with the vertical and will be more likely to convert on similar offers.

Take other sweepstakes offers that you’ve worked with or haven’t tried before and want to evaluate their performance, and send them to your subscribers via Notix.

Keep in mind that you can send as many messages as you need, since here at Notix we are not limiting you in any way.

Wondering if Notix will affect the UX of your landing page?

Notix offers a variety of settings to ensure that you will collect a sizable amount of push subscribers with minimal effect on your main offer conversion flow.

For example, here are the various ways you could set up the subscription opt-in prompt to appear:

  • right after the page load
  • with a delay of seconds
  • after a click on the particular element
  • after the page scroll

We recommend A/B tests to discover the different settings of the prompt, find the trade-off, and what works best for your vertical, offer type, and audience.

Still not sure Notix’s Push Notifications could benefit you?

Maybe you want to know more about using Notix as a retargeting tool, or how we scored better compared with our competitors? Check more materials in our blog!

For anything else, feel free to access our help center or contact us by email.