Notix Audience Segmentation Strategies for Push Notifications

Audience Segmentation Strategies for Push Notifications

Do you read every single post on your favorite news site? Or open all the new articles in online magazines? We seriously doubt it — you can’t be similarly engaged with everything — and neither do your users. 

So, your push notifications strategy will definitely become more efficient if you don’t send the same alerts to the whole subscribers’ list. But how can you create more precise and targeted messages? The answer is the audience (or user) segmentation.

Why is Segmenting Audiences Great?

Audience segmentation is when you separate all your subscribers into several groups and send different push notifications to every group. A very simplified example: you inform girls only about new women’s clothing in stock, and guys get updates about men’s outfits. Of course, it’s much more complicated in fact — but the concept is like that.

Obviously, such an approach is much more likely to hit the target! Just look what happens when you segment your audiences for push notifications:

  • The unsubscription rate falls down. Why should anyone unsubscribe when they receive only actual and relevant messages? 
  • The CTR and the open rate rise. Just imagine what users might think about your notifications. ’Some random stuff again’ vs. ‘Oh, it’s about my fav topic, let’s open it!’ — makes a difference, right? 
  • Tracking and optimizing become easier. You can clearly see which audience is more engaged, what content types are more popular, or what can be improved. 

And some stats as a cherry on top:

  • 80% of customers expect a personalized experience from a brand;
  • Segmentation helps to increase the CTR by 46% and the open rate by 27%;
  • Sales may rise up to 3-5%;
  • 90% of brands become more aware of their audience needs and concerns with user segmentation.

We think we persuaded you that creating various audiences is an excellent solution. And now it’s time for action: let’s see how Notix customers do it!

Segmentation Strategies

Thanks to Notix tools, you can segment your audiences in various ways. We chose the most popular and efficient ones to show you — in fact, they are ready-working strategies you can use outright.

Your Site Content

Your site has several sections and topics? It’s already a hint! Simply divide your subscribers by the topics you offer. Here are some examples:


How to segment?

You have two ways how to create user segmentation by your site content. Here they are:

  • Option 1: Use Categories opt-in requests to create audiences at the moment of subscription. This is what it may look like:
  • Option 2: Use Retargeting Pixels. Here is how they work in detail: read in our Help Center. In a nutshell, it works like this: you install a pixel on a particular site page. The pixel remembers all users who visit this page, and you can combine them into an audience. It works only with the existing subscriber base and will be the best option if you don’t use Categories opt-in requests.

Example: a user visits your Sports news page — a Pixel counts this visit — you add a user to the Sports-lovers audience and send them relevant notifications

To send push notifications to a particular audience created with a Pixel or a Categories opt-in request, use the Targeting feature at Notix Self-Service Platform. Go to Send Message — Create a message — Enable the Targeting tumbler:


User Behavior

What if you don’t want to send the same messages to your new and loyal users? Or would like to separate people who visit you pretty often from the less active users? We think it’s a very bright idea: just look at how personalized it might look:


How to segment?

Notix allows you to send personalized messages to particular groups of people, depending on when they visited your site or subscribed to your notifications or both. 

You will need the Targeting and the Sending Settings tabs. Suppose you want to target users who have lately subscribed to your notifications but haven’t visited you yet. You can do the following:


A pro-tip from Notix: you can choose the User Behavior segmentation but send the SAME messages to new, old, active, or not-so-active users. It will allow you to track how each segment interacts with the same notification and optimize your strategy later.

User Location

It’s time for a mini-case study from one of our customers. GetMyUni is an Indian informational site for students, and it posts news and updates from universities all around India. Pretty logically, the best option for them is to segment users by their cities and states — for example, to inform them that universities in a certain state have opened student applications.

If you have somewhat similar on your site, you can safely choose the User Location segmentation. Why bother people in New York with the latest Los Angeles news?

How to segment?

Targeting settings, again! Notix allows you to include or exclude particular cities, regions, or countries when you send push notifications. Just create a message and set your targeting:


User Device

There are several reasons why you might need to segment your audience by a user device. Here are some:

  • It allows you to estimate who is more active: your mobile or desktop users;
  • Some pages of your site are better adapted for desktop or mobile;
  • You know that your mobile (or, on the contrary, desktop) users convert better.

At Notix, you can also add targeting by OS or browser.

How to segment?

Very easy: choose devices, OS, or browsers you need in the Targeting settings — and here we go:


To Sum Up

You can combine all the strategies we mentioned — it all depends on your site’s specifics. What is also important, you shouldn’t think that targeting is your all-time savior: you still need to be careful with your overall approach. 

Even the best audience segmentation won’t help if:

  • You send too many messages — even the most precisely targeted messages;
  • Your messages don’t have clear information;
  • You choose the wrong time for sending notifications.

We at Notix are always happy to help you and give useful tips that will work for your particular niche.