your Mobile App experience with Push Notifications

In-App Benefits for Android app owners

Notix provides powerful marketing tools for eye-catching mobile notifications

Loyalty and trust

Since users already know, trust, and have interest in the application, they react to In-App push notifications positively. This ensures content relevance and efficient communication with the audience.

Loyalty and trust

App version targeting

App version targeting

You can reach users of specific application versions with targeted messages. Even if your audience uses the old version of the app, they can stay aware of the latest

Cross-channel communication

Maximize your audience reach and engagement by building cross-channel communications between web and app users.

Cross-channel communication

Monetization Plan

In-App Messaging FAQs

Currently, In-App is provided to all customers for free. Contact your manager for further details or write us an email:

Yes, if you have an Android app. Currently, we provide push notifications for Android apps distributed via Google Play and APK only. iOS Apps – coming soon!

Yes, you can find a complete guide for developers here.
Yes, we can guide you through the entire process. Just contact your manager or send us an email to:


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