Push Notifications Click Through Rates 2022 [Infographics]

Whatever great content you are striving to deliver via push notifications, it will never reach your users if they just don’t open your push message. This simple click on a push notification is an essential part of the whole strategy — so how do persuade users to make it?

There are plenty of ways to increase your push notifications click-through rates (CTR). The most common and efficient practices include the following:

  • Engaging or even intriguing message
  • Bright attractive image screaming out ‘Click me!’
  • The right time when you send a message
  • A reasonable number of messages per day
  • Wise targeting and delivering a message to the right audience

Have it all? That’s great! Now it’s time to double-check your results with the industry-average benchmarks and adjust your strategy based on statistics. 

Probably your CTR is not the best just because you send messages too often? Or you could schedule the time of every alert more wisely based on the stats for your site type? Or maybe you want to know how efficient your results might be according to the latest trends? 

Whatever your goal is — let our infographics help you!

Push Notifications CTR by Niches


Do Images Matter for Push Notifications CTR?


Choose the Time Wisely


Time of the Day is Important, Too


Push Notifications Frequency


Miscellaneous Bonus Stats


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