Push Notifications Campaign Types: What Are They and When to Use Each?

Let’s start by saying that push notifications are trending! Literally.

They were enlisted by Shopify as one of the 10 top marketing trends in 2023, as a tool more than capable of boosting your business. More and more marketers and web owners are becoming aware of the fact that placing the right information at the right time – things push notifications are the master of, is key to keeping their audience engaged.

But when adding push notifications to your marketing strategy, know this – there are many ways you can do it. Not just one. A lot depends on your audience, their field of interest, and their unique need for some sort of information.

That’s why there are different types of push campaigns where each one has its own agenda and specifics. Before defining your strategy it is important to decide on the type of push campaign you are about to start.

What are push notifications?

There is no grand philosophy here – push notifications are simple on-screen alerts that pop on your user’s devices in the form of a message. For users to receive them, they must agree first by subscribing to your push notifications through an opt-in request.

Push notifications are based on almost instant call-to-action, which can lead to an increasing user engagement rate. They are a very effective communication channel that allows you to convey any sort of short and appealing message to your audience.

Types of push notifications

It is essential to understand that there are types of push notifications, and types of push notifications campaigns – which is not the same. You can use any type of push notifications for all of the campaigns we are about to present to you.

Here at Notix, you can use two different types of push notifications:

  • Web push notifications – while being on the web page, users have agreed to receive on-device push notifications (user can agree either to receive messages on desktop or on mobile; to agree on both user will need to accept notifications separately on each device)
  • In-App push notifications – user accepts receiving alerts only from the installed app, and only on mobile devices

Marketers can combine different types of push to use more advertising channels.

Types of push notification campaigns you can create

And now, let’s move on to all the different campaigns you can launch via push notifications. Try understanding what would work best for your business when it comes to goals you want to complete, and users you want to target.

Here are the 7 push notifications campaign types you can conduct with these alert messages:

Campaign type 1: Rich push notifications 

The very first type of push notifications you can base your campaign on are Rich notifications. They are a bit more complex than classic ones given it’s possible for them to contain up to three links, so in case you want to direct your subscribers to more than one landing page, you will be able to do so.

Also, these push notifications may include media files – not just images, but in some cases also gifs, videos (through plugins), and CTA buttons, as well as emojis. The usage of emojis in push notifications can bring more conversions due to the fact they can increase open rate up to 85%.

Another interesting fact is that with Rich push notifications you can segment your audience – the thing our own Notix push notifications allow via Retargeting Pixels tools, or simply by presenting a Categories opt-in request that will create audiences at the moment of subscription.


With this narrow targeting option you will be sending messages to just the right people, based on how they behave on your site and what they like to read the most. This is a powerful feature that will definitely improve your CR.

Rich push notifications work best for eCommerce, Media, and Games verticals.

Campaign type 2: Triggered notifications

“Observing” your audience and targeting them with customized messages is definitely a good way to make them more engaged with what you have to offer. Triggered push notifications allow you to target each of your subscribers by actions they take. The moment they perform any event, which you define as a trigger, your users will receive a push notification.

Even better, with Notix API integration you will be able to make triggers work automatically. However, it is of essential importance to make these automated messages personalized, so the subscribers get a sense of the message being intended especially for them.

With Notix push you can customize the header of the message, as well as its icon, and upload your own creative, here is an example:


Triggered push notifications work best for eCommerce and Content on-demand verticals.

Campaign type 3: Time-bound notifications

This type of push notification campaign is ideal when you want to create a sense of urgency among your subscribers. It is a suitable solution if you wish to inform them about a limited-period offer, or short-lasting sales actions for instance. These messages will urge your users to act sooner rather than later.

But what’s extremely important with Time-bound notifications is to create a notification expiry, so notifications don’t show their face on users’ devices after the time frame in which the offer is valid.

Notix feature Time-To-Live (TTL) will make this possible, since it will, if set, resend notifications to users who haven’t received them, but will completely stop after a specific time you set as the end of the campaign expires.


And don’t forget that targeting can play a huge role in this type of campaign. It’s a matter of whether or not you will send notifications to users who are most likely to convert. With Notix service you will be able to choose location by country, region and city, to target specific devices, platforms, operating systems, browsers, and browser language, and to set your campaign based on user behavior:

  • Subscription date – this Notix feature allows you to target users that subscribed to your website in a specific period of time; it might be relevant to the offer you want to inform them about
  • Last activity on your landing page – if there was a notice preceding this one, for instance, about product restocking on a specific day, you can send push notifications to all the people who visited your site that day
  • Last click – another relevant targeting option is to focus only on users who recently clicked on your notifications, so you can rely on having a good CTR this time around.

Time-bound push notifications work best for iGaming and eCommerce verticals.

Campaign type 4: FYI notifications

For-your-information type of push notification campaign is one of the most popular, simply because it can be applied for many purposes. Basically, with FYI messages you can inform your audience about significant changes that took place on your website, like adding new categories of products, presenting new travel arrangements, publishing new posts, but also about other things that might be relevant to your audience (weather report, stock update, etc.).

Creating automated push notifications for this purpose can be quite handy. Notix offers a flexible push notifications automation system that can save you time and money, but also make sure of fast message delivery to your users.

And even though this process is automated, you will still be able to change the title, description of the message and creatives. On top of that, the 3+ strategies for easy and fast automation are designed especially for beginners, to make their life much easier.

FYI push notifications are a great option for any vertical.

Campaign type 5: Transactional notifications

As the word itself explains, this type of push notification campaign is intended to inform your subscribers about the current status of their transactions. Yes, we do refer mostly to the payments they made, but also to their subscription payment status, for instance.

Transactional push campaigns will bring two things – an important message being delivered to the specific user, and an opportunity for you to possibly approach retargeting. Through these messages, you will get an insight into what number of your subscribers, and who exactly is converting, and a chance to increase your CR as well as ROI.

So with Notix retargeting tool you will be in a position to filter through your collected audience and try to reconnect with those who did subscribe to push, but remained silent to your messages and haven’t converted yet. 

Transactional push notifications are best for Finance and eCommerce verticals.

Campaign type 6: Interest-based Geolocation notifications

If you desire to create a message only for your audience tied to one Geolocation, or a category of people with specific interests they discovered through Categories opt-in request, you should select this type of push notifications campaign.

It is the best choice when it comes to dating apps and local community forums, but also for restaurants and catering facilities that want to inform their users about some special offer, new working hours, or novelties regarding their products and services.

With Notix opt-in request, not only you can customize the very first message you will present to your site visitors, and therefore try increasing the engagement rate, but you can rely on audience segmentation we already talked about, to create groups of subscribers and send them Interest-based Geolocation notifications. 

You just have to select the Slider version as a prompt view and check the Use categories button. You will then be able to add four of your created Audience groups.


Interest-based Geolocation push notifications are best for Dating and Social verticals.

Campaign type 7: Reminder notifications

And the most common type of push campaign is one based on Reminder notifications. A reminder that there are items in the store’s cart but the purchase was never completed, that there are some new opportunities on job portals, reminders of an appointment, of new lessons on an educational site, etc. 

With Reminder notifications, you won’t just notify your subscribers and fulfill your push delivery targets, but you will gain their trust and loyalty – people love feeling like their welfare is important to you.

Reminder push notifications are best for eCommerce, Sports, and iGaming verticals.


As you can see there is not only one strategy in place for push notifications. They can be a useful tool in different circumstances and for different purposes, it’s just important to choose and set your campaign right so you can achieve your goals.