Notix as a Retargeting Tool

Retargeting is the process of tightly filtering through your collected audiences, making sure that every person you engaged with and showed interest in your product or service, converted. Because of its quality to substantially increase your Conversion Rate, and hence your ROI, retargeting is gaining more and more traction lately.

However, as advertising strategies become more ingenious, users want an even smaller part in the way that promotions reach them.

This is why one format, in particular, is becoming more popular specifically because it requires just a minimum effort from the user, being delivered in a very innovative way.

And that format is Push. This small ad text – delivered as a device alert – only needs the user’s approval, and then it appears on the browser page, or even straight on the device.

This way, even if your audience didn’t take the needed action from your first attempt, you secure a way to reconnect with them and close the deal.

What’s the beauty of retargeting with Push? That you can reach your users at any time, on any platform or device, and they are online so ready to take advantage of your promotion.

When it comes to the channels you use for retargeting campaigns, you can choose between:

  • Search engines (Google),
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn),
  • Third-party software (Notix’s Push Notifications).

Why Is Retargeting Important? Stats and Facts

In marketing, the rule of 7 says that it takes showing a customer the same ads at least 7 times until they decide to purchase.

In psychology, this is known as the mere-exposure effect, which basically means that ‘the more we see something, the more we tend to like it.

In marketing, we know that statistics steal the show, so here’s what we’ve got:

And that’s not all, we’ve got facts:

Inspire Trust, Build Brand Recognition, Increase your CR & ROI, Save money, Create more targeted offers, Move users down the funnel, Try a new strategy

Running Retargeting Campaigns through Push Notifications

If 47% of consumers prefer better deals to privacy, and you retarget them with Push, you’ve got a 49% chance to reconvert them, not just once, but two or even three other times.

And the chances keep increasing from the second (45%) to the third repurchase (54%). It’s pretty obvious that retargeting can increase your CR.

Take eCommerce (2020’s #1 Retargeting Niche), where 75% of users abandon their cart hoping to return. Combine users’ instinct-driven purchase habits, with Push’s success rate and your odds improve.

Just think of all the possibilities you’ll have, retargeting in all the other niches.

Why use Notix for all Your Retargeting Needs

Running Push Notifications you can effectively reach pretty much any kind of audience, have them engage with your ad, and at the same time save money.

You can send Notix’s Push Notifications for free or add to your monthly plan. Alternatively, you’ll end up paying Facebook an average retargeting CPA of about $27.20.

Even Google’s retargeting ads that may cost you between $0.1 and $2 per click still add to quite an impressive amount when you draw the line.

Another plus of working with Notix’s Push Notifications is that you can target as many users you want, with no minimum or maximum requirements.

That changes when you want to retarget with Google, where you need to have at least 100 users, 30 days before launching your campaign.

There are many other perks of using Notix’s Push notifications. Here are a few:

Find more info here: docs.notix.co

And aside from all these we already saw that Push Notifications have the best reconversion and open rate compared with other formats.

In addition, anyone can set up and launch a Push Notification campaign, with Notix’s easy to follow self-serve platform.

Setting Up You First Notix Push Notifications

The beauty of Notix’s Push Notifications is that this third-party software allows you to easily integrate it on any website or page, in 4 simple steps:

  1. Firstly you need to add the website/webpage you want to use in your retargeting campaign, on your Notix dashboard.
  2. Then you have to create and personalize the tag that you’ll use to start collecting subscribers.
  3. Add the tag to your website to collect and segment as many subscribers as you want for your retargeting campaign.
  4. Personalize the Push Notification’s text and images to match your source, add in your targeting preferences and launch your campaign.

And these are just some of the many reasons you’re better off retargeting with Notix’s Push Notifications. Get started now to find out more creative ways to integrate Push within your campaigns.