9 Blogging Ideas to Make Money Online: On Top of The List – Monetize Push Subscribers

This article was written by Roy Hrishikesh, affiliate marketing expert and entrepreneur who has been in this line of business for 8 years now. Based on the experience and knowledge he accumulated while being part of the affiliate marketing industry, he drew certain conclusions and decided to share them with our readers today.

Here are his thoughts on how to make money online – and yes, push notifications definitely found their place on this list. 

If you’re seeking ways to make money online, or merely hunting for side hustles to fuel your passion projects, the internet’s potential for income generation is virtually boundless. Let’s dive in and uncover these hidden treasures!

#1 Leverage Affiliate Marketing

To begin with, our treasure map leads us to the intriguing world of affiliate marketing. This business model lets you earn a passive income by promoting products or services that aren’t your own. And every time a sale is made via your referral link, you earn a commission. 

It doesn’t require creating a product or service; instead, you simply need a platform to share the links that point to them. Plus, you can choose the products you genuinely love, and develop a marketing strategy based on what you think would be beneficial for your audience – which can lead to adding value for users and bolstering your reputation.

Examples & Earnings  

Consider Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. He reportedly made over $2 million through affiliate marketing alone. Of course, the income varies significantly depending on your platform size and the products you endorse, but the potential is there.

#2 Exploring Freelancing Opportunities

Next, let’s delve into the realm of freelancing. The digital age has broadened the possibilities for skilled individuals to offer their services while enjoying the comfort of their homes, from content creation to graphic design to coding and more.

Freelancing affords you the freedom to work on your terms. You can pick the projects you want, set your rates, and even determine your work hours. It’s the epitome of «be your own boss».

Examples & Earnings  

For instance, freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer feature numerous success stories of freelancers earning six-figure incomes annually. But the actual amount will greatly depend on your expertise and the demand for your services.

#3 Monetizing push subscribers

In case you are already familiar with push notifications and have quite a large subscriber base, then adding monetization to your push strategy is the most simple and natural thing to do to achieve bonus income.

Monetizing your audience through push notifications means you will start delivering push messages containing ads to your subscribers. And whenever they engage by interacting with ads, you earn money. Simple as that!

Examples & Earnings

Notix push service is an ideal platform for achieving monetization of this kind. And you don’t even have to pay for this monetization service, as long as you allow their advertising partners to reach your audience through push notifications. With the help of our calculator, you can find out how huge your profit can be!

#4 Launching an Online Course

If you’re brimming with knowledge in a particular area, consider launching an online course. The demand for online learning has skyrocketed, making it a ripe opportunity to make money online.

Apart from the financial gain, launching an online course lets you share your expertise with a wider audience. So this way you won’t be just making money; you’ll be contributing to the global knowledge pool. It’s a rewarding venture in multiple ways.

Note: Automated push messages are more than a suitable tool to let your audience know when the new lesson is up! But not only that – through these push notifications you can share exclusive offers, promotions, etc.

Examples & Earnings  

Take the case of Rob Percival, a former high school teacher who has earned millions by offering coding courses on Udemy. While the income varies, the potential for a profitable venture is high, given the increasing popularity of online learning.

#5 Selling E-books

Next on our list of intriguing ways to make money online is selling e-books. If you have a knack for writing and knowledge to share, creating and selling e-books can be your route to success.

E-books offer a way to earn passive income. You write it once, publish it, and then continue to make sales indefinitely. It also establishes you as an authority in your niche, creating opportunities for additional revenue streams like speaking engagements or consultancy.

Examples & Earnings  

Amanda Hocking, a self-published author, famously made millions selling her e-books on platforms like Amazon Kindle. Be aware of the fact that authors typically earn 70% of the sales from self-published e-books, but the percentage can increase significantly over time.

#6 Blogging with Sponsored Posts

Many businesses are willing to pay for sponsored posts on popular blogs. If your blog has a substantial following, it could be a lucrative way to monetize your platform. Remember, you can use web push notifications to additionally promote these posts.

Even more, there are different types of push campaigns you can rely on to spread the message.

Sponsored posts can be a significant source of income, especially for blogs with high traffic. Plus, they offer a way to feature products or services that align with your audience’s interests, providing value to your readers while boosting your income.

Examples & Earnings  

Bloggers like Lynda Makara and Kelly Holmes have shared their success stories, with sponsored posts accounting for a significant portion of their blogging income. While the earnings per post can range from $50 to $5.000 depending on the size and engagement of your audience, this strategy can be a significant income source when done right.

#7 Offering Consultation Services

As we continue exploring the digital income terrain, let’s consider consultation services. If you’re a specialist in your field, whether it’s fitness, finance, or fashion, offering online consultation services can be a profitable venture.

Consulting lets you capitalize on your expertise while assisting others in their endeavors. It’s rewarding both financially and emotionally, as you can make a positive impact on your clients’ lives or businesses.

Examples & Earnings  

Sam Ovens, a business consultant, reportedly earns millions per year through his consultancy. While earnings vary, charging $100 per hour for a 20-hour workweek could net you $104,000 annually.

#8 Selling Merchandise

Next up: merchandise. If your blog has a strong brand and a dedicated following, selling custom merchandise, be it T-shirts, mugs, or tote bags, can be a profitable way to make money online.

Selling merchandise allows you to create a tangible connection with your audience. Not only does it generate income, but it also helps strengthen your brand and foster a sense of community among your followers.

Examples & Earnings  

Popular YouTuber PewDiePie has an extensive line of merchandise that contributes significantly to his earnings. Your income would depend on factors like product type, pricing, and sales volume, but with a dedicated audience, this could be a lucrative endeavor.

#9 Starting a Podcast

Finally, we arrive at our last stop: podcasts. They’re a popular and growing medium for sharing content. If your blog’s topic lends itself to conversation, a podcast can be an excellent addition and another source of income.

Podcasts allow you to reach your audience in a different, more personal way. They can listen to your content on their commute, during workouts, or as they go about their day. It’s a versatile medium that can increase engagement and, consequently, revenue.

Examples & Earnings  

The ‘Joe Rogan Experience‘ podcast reportedly earns $30 million per year. While not everyone will reach these heights, many podcasters make a comfortable income from sponsorships, donations, or premium content.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, nine golden ideas to make money online. These are all viable avenues for generating income, perfect for different skills, passions, and lifestyle preferences. Whether you’re looking to work from home full-time or simply exploring side hustles, I hope these strategies spark some inspiration.

Remember, patience, persistence, and consistent effort are key to succeeding in your online ventures. Let’s brave the challenges, seize the opportunities, and uncover the treasures that await us in this vast digital world!


Can I really make money online through blogging?

Absolutely! Many people globally are making a substantial income through various strategies, such as those I’ve outlined above.

What is the best method to make passive income online?

There’s no definitive answer, as it heavily depends on your skills and interests. Affiliate marketing, selling online courses, or e-books are great options to consider. And the simplest way is definitely monetization of your subscribers through different formats, including push notifications, if you already have a subscriber base.

How do I start with freelancing?

First, identify your skill set. Then, sign up on freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, create a compelling profile, and start bidding on relevant projects.