Aglasem x Notix Case Study: Boosting the ROI of an Educational Platform

Notix helps publishers, website owners, and other content creators boost engagement of active audiences and awaken inactive users. In short, it lets you send push notifications to users on your website or application. 

That said, Notix’s features actually stretch far beyond engagement, and they offer a great chance to boost other key metrics like profitability. This is especially true when switching to the platform’s Monetization plan, which gives you access to the platform’s entire toolkit free of charge. 

Aglasem is a great example of this. The India-based education technology platform provides study materials and technical education solutions and decided to use Notix to engage users. 

However, in the end, they didn’t only boost user retention rates — but also increased the overall income thanks to Notix Monetization.  

Let’s take a deeper dive into this perfect combo.

Note: All notification messages examples in the articles are based on Aglasem’s real push notifications —  but are not precise copies of them.

About the Publisher: How the Story Began

When Aglasem first adopted push notifications, it wasn’t because they needed to generate revenue. On the other hand, they had to find a way to deliver engaging messages and updates quickly and efficiently. 

While it now plays a role in our marketing strategy, the primary goal was to ensure that students receive important announcements promptly.

— says an Aglasem team member who participated in implementing Notix.

Here, direct communication channels like push alerts would allow Aglasem to reduce churn originating from missed information or poor engagement, which made these notifications a great match. 

Prior to adopting Notix, we had experience with a different push notification provider. The decision to explore Notix was influenced by a few factors that we found lacking in our previous provider. One of the key reasons was the cost-effectiveness that Notix offered, which was perfect for our situation.

Additionally, Aglasem found that Notix provided features that its previous provider lacked: 

  • A more intuitive user interface
  • Better customization options 
  • Segmentation and targeting to narrow down a specific audience, for example, by cities, states, and zip codes.
  • Monetization plan: relevant ads sent along with regular push notifications and bringing profit

And, one more comment from Aglasem:

Notix also demonstrated a strong commitment to customer support, which was an important factor in our decision-making process.

How Did Aglasem Achieve Success After Switching to Notix?

Now that we understand the process that Aglasem followed in choosing Notix, let’s take a look at the steps the company took to implement push notifications successfully. 

Push Notification Frequency

Aglasem aims to balance between staying informative and avoiding notification fatigue. The frequency of push notifications they send varies based on the urgency and relevance of the information. 

On average, they send 1 to 3 push notifications per day. However, there are cases — for example, time-sensitive updates or critical announcements — when it’s important to exceed this range. 

Overall, Aglasem’s goal is to ensure that students receive important information without overwhelming them with excessive notifications.

Notix allows Aglasem to control all outgoing communications easily and ensures that sending one-time blasts is very intuitive, making this process as simple as possible. 

The Opt-In Push Notification Strategy

Aglasem uses the default subscription request message on Notix for its push notifications — the native prompt allowing one to subscribe with a single click.

Note: You can personalize your opt-in request based on your requirements. Notix has three customizable opt-in prompts — so it’s a good idea to test it before deciding if you need to change it. 

And here is an example of a welcome push notification that can be used for websites like Aglasem. You can set a similar message to welcome your new subscribers.


Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is the process of dividing your targets into groups based on similar traits and interests. As a site owner or webmaster, it’s essential to be able to create different groups and expose each one to different content. 

We segment our audience based on different education levels. This segmentation enables us to send targeted notifications that are relevant to each group’s specific needs and interests.

Here is an example of a push notification targeted by the education level:


Other Targeting Options

Besides segmenting features, Notix offers a wide range of targeting options that allow Aglasem to narrow down its audience and only present content to the most relevant users. 

When sending out push messages, we employ audience-based and location-based targeting. This helps us ensure that notifications are sent to the most relevant recipients, increasing the effectiveness of our communication.

Types of Push Notification

Aglasem’s push notifications predominantly encompass two types of content:

  • Notifications about new exam updates, ensuring that students are promptly informed about any changes or developments
  • Notifications about newly added study materials on the website, enhancing their access to valuable educational resources 

Note: Notix is not only a web browser but also an in-app push service. So, Aglasem can enhance its strategy by using in-app push to engage its audiences. 

Monetization as the Great ROI Boost: How It Worked Out

As mentioned, Notix’s Monetization plan is the platform’s revenue-generation feature. The mechanism is relatively simple: When you switch to this plan, your subscribers occasionally receive push messages with relevant ads. 

This content is marked with the [Ad] sign:


When your subscribers interact with the ads, you earn a commission. 

It’s also worth noting that Notix becomes free of charge for you once you switch to the Monetization feature. 

Did this provide good results for Aglasem?

Our primary worry initially revolved around the quality and quantity of ads. However, these concerns have been effectively addressed by the Notix team. The Monetization feature has proven to be beneficial because it’s helped us generate more revenue than we would have without it. We’ve shifted from being recipients of push services payments to actually earning from the service, which is awesome for us.

Monetization plan features don’t hurt the user experience, as Aglasem was able to see first-hand. Not only this, but you retain full control in terms of UX because you can choose the ad frequency and the type of content being delivered to your users. 


The team at Aglasem was very pleased with the results of not only the engagement push notifications but also the revenue generated by the Monetization plan. 

Notix Monetization stands out as a game-changer, turning notifications into a revenue source while maintaining ad quality. Our subscriber engagement has also surged, thanks to timely updates and study materials. If anything, the push notifications have enhanced our user experience. This is why Notix is a crucial ally in our mission to enhance communication and profitability.

In a normal scenario, it’s challenging to understand how your audience reacts to specific pieces of content. Notix’s push notification delivery system makes for a more fluid relationship between these two steps, which creates a more engaging and unique experience.      

To Wrap Up

Aglasem identified the potential and even started implementing push messages before being introduced to Notix. However, there’s a definite before and after, especially if we observe the company’s progress after adopting the Monetization plan. 

This can be your success story, too. If you want to learn more about switching to Notix, the Monetization plan, or the platform as a whole, contact us today.