Notix vs. Others: Comparing Performance Results

There are dozens of different web push services to choose from, and not all of them deliver the same quality. Even leading platforms still have their limitations, which range from the technology used to the features available to end-users. This is one of the reasons why Notix developed a client-centric list of comprehensive features that are suitable for all publishers.

At Notix, we strive to help our clients generate the largest possible number of push subscriptions from their traffic. Our push service is powered by unique in-house technology that allows us to deliver up to 30% better subscription rates. And, with more than 3 trillion delivered notifications, we continuously fine-tune our platform for better performance.

A split test was conducted to compare the performance of our push service against one of the leading push services in the market. Below, we’ll go over the results of our research and see how our push service stacked up to one of the leading brands.

Introducing Notix

In order to accurately compare the performance of Notix and one of the leading brands, an A/B test was conducted. The test was conducted in a way that both platforms received the same amount of traffic, that users were sent to the same landing page, and that all subscribers were presented with a one-click native subscription prompt. This ensured that the only advantage one platform had over the other was the technical aspect.

Let’s take a look at our results.

Subscription Metrics: Leading Push Service vs. Notix


According to the research, Notix generated 30% + more subscribers from the same traffic, which can be attributed to the platform’s technical elements.

Deliverability Metrics: Leading Push Service vs. NOTIX


As you can see from the numbers above, Notix delivered almost three times the number of messages and generated more than double the number of clicks. Plus, deliveries are tracked by URL, instead of just clicks and impressions and that ensures the accuracy of the test results.

CTR for Notix was a hair below the popular push service, which isn’t bad at all considering that the content sent was identical, delivered at the same time of the day, and a similar subscriber sampling was selected – the CTR was expected to be at an almost equal level.

Whether you are a big or small publisher, NOTIX’s performance is suitable for all types of users.

Additional Features: Leading Push Service vs. NOTIX

It’s true that a well-known push platform has additional services like email messages and app push services. However, Notix specializes in web push for mobile and desktop, and in this area, the numbers speak for themselves. In simple terms, Notix produces better engagement metrics, allows your message to be seen by a bigger audience, and generates more subscriptions that result in users interacting with your content.

It’s also important to note that Notix is free until summer of 2021. And, when the plans roll out, the free version will include up to 30,000 subscribers, rather than the 10,000 offered by the popular brand.

If you are currently looking for a powerful push service alternative, Notix should definitely be on your radar. We actually allow site owners to test Notix on their site without removing their current integration, so they can determine whether the results are worth it beforehand. And, we also developed database importing features that allow the transfer of data from other push services to Notix.

Ready to Find the Best Web Push Service? Our Team is Here to Help

Ready to find out more? Or maybe you feel like conducting your own tests? Parallel testing is an option to test NOTIX against your current push provider to see which service delivers better results.

Parallel testing is exceptionally convenient because you can try Notix functionality, compare the results, and continue communicating with your audience with NO CHANGES in your current integrations. See the difference with your own eyes – we’re 100% sure you’d decide to switch to Notix. Yes, we are THAT confident.

Notix can offer a multitude of benefits, for example, 30% better subscriber collection and delivery rate, higher engagement, and additional tools to make sure your audience stays engaged.
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