Indian Push Notification Market: Interview with Akshay Gopinath

Notix is an international brand, working with hundreds of businesses worldwide. At the moment, our largest customer pool — approximately 60%! —   comes from India. We have attracted plenty of Indian websites in various niches to try, test, and make Notix the number one tool for push notifications. 

So, we know the ropes of digital marketing in India — and that’s mainly thanks to our Head of Sales India and APAC Region — Akshay Gopinath. Today, he shared his insights on working in the Indian market, the best practices of modern push notifications, and how we help Indian brands grow with our tools. So, sit back, and let’s go!

About Akshay

Akshay is the Head of Sales and Business Development of the India and APAC Region at Notix. He has vast expertise in digital media growth and partnership development across global markets. At the moment, he is building across India and APAC regions. Besides, he helps customers to learn how Notix works and build their marketing strategies with push notifications.

On Indian Customers

— What is the current situation with digital marketing in India?

As a big player in the ad tech ecosystem, India offers great opportunities for online businesses. I mean, local publishers can reach millions of users — of course, using the right marketing tools. 

What is more, Indians are actively adopting the latest technologies: smartphones, mobile network infrastructures, etc. It means that content consumption is becoming greater and greater.

Online content is now available for most users from all tiers — and the brands, of course, are trying to make the most of it!

— What are the top popular marketing strategies among Indian publishers?

Strategies, of course, differ — and it mainly depends on the scale of the publisher. For example, most small publishers rely on organic traffic through search — to save money. The rest of their small marketing budgets usually go for purchasing paid traffic in ad networks.

However, even the smallest publishers in India are striving to engage and retain users — and they normally do it with weekly newsletters and push notifications. Some more established brands also create content for outreach and organize various pretty expensive PR campaigns. 

Speaking with existing and potential customers, I keep telling them that the overall strategy can have very moderate budgets and still be efficient. For instance, if you use organic search and Notix push notifications, you won’t spend a fortune, but will have stable organic traffic and returning loyal customers.

— What are the most popular website niches in India (among those you usually work with)? 

Most of the online presence in India runs across major news and media houses. Still, I clearly see that Notix push notifications can be helpful for almost every publisher, no matter the niche.

We have customers in the News, Finance, Health, Sports, Auto, and Travel segments — but again, I don’t solely focus on online publishers and work with large media companies, too.

— Why do your Indian customers choose Notix over the other services?

First of all, Notix can be totally free for our customers. I speak with dozens of existing and potential Indian customers daily — and they all agree that it is a very attractive thing about Notix. There are two ways to use Notix for free: either to have less than 30k subscribers or to choose our Monetization Plan. 

Actually, even if you opt for a paid plan, it’s not expensive at all — for instance, you will pay only $150 per month if your base is 150k people. And, you can earn much more if you use wise push notification strategies — so it’s totally worth the deal.

Speaking about the other advantages of Notix, I would name several more things. First, our Indian customers really appreciate that they can speak their native language with us — my colleagues and me. It means a significantly higher customer service level. Second, we have a very convenient self-service platform — intuitive and user-friendly! 

And, we use the latest top-notch technologies, after all — no message delays, 100% notifications delivered!

Notix Advantages for Indian Publishers
We speak Indian
Top-notch technologies
100% notifications delivery
Can be used for free
Extra monetization options
Low pricing for paid plans

— Do you work with customers who already use the other push notification services?

Yes, I do — I often offer Notix services to websites and brands that already have their proven push notification strategies built with the help of the other services.

I understand that it might be hard for customers to make instant changes once and completely. They have been using one service for several months, or even years — and they pretty much like it!

This is why we offer a very gradual and comfortable onboarding, offering to test Notix in parallel with another service. No pressure — but many customers find our platform more convenient and effective.

— Do you have any success stories from Notix Indian customers? Let’s inspire our readers a bit!

The first case study that comes to mind is the GetMyUni platform. It’s a students’ portal — it has plenty of information about available colleges, universities, programs, and exams all over India. It worked with another push notifications provider before Notix. 

However, our technologies increased the delivery rate of notifications by 30% — and brought 500k new subscribers. Isn’t it a real success story?

On Push Notifications and Other Strategies in Marketing

— What are the best effective marketing strategies today, in your opinion? What can really boost site visits and sales?

For greater engagement, a publisher must have various products in their arsenal to keep their audience engaged. I see much value in traditional but really efficient things:

  • Engaging Home Page
  • Newsletters
  • Free Trials for paid services

However, it all will barely work if you don’t keep constant communication with the audience. This is why push notifications boost all the engagement tools two or more times — with the right strategy for them, of course.

— So, what push notification strategies do you find the most effective for various niches?

There are no all-in-one solutions, as you might guess — nowhere in marketing. All business owners have a different vision of their strategies — but I can give you a couple of successful examples from Notix’s customers’ experience.

  • A large news publisher. What did he need first? To have a significant subscriber base to send daily news articles. He successfully does it through push notifications — just regular alerts with the news digest. It works — users come over and over to the site to read the news.
  • An eCommerce platform. Such clients mainly focus on user segmentation. At Notix, you can create several audiences and separate users by their activity, devices, etc. — and send them targeted messages with relevant notifications.
  • A medium-sized health site. The strategy for such a publisher might include both sharing new content through notification and also showing premium brand ads to users. With the Notix Monetization plan, you can do both — and be sure that the ads will be relevant and won’t spoil the engagement. And yes, I remind you — this plan makes your work with Notix completely free of charge.

We give big thanks to Akshay for sparing time for this interview and sharing his vision. As you see, Notix is perfectly suited to be a strategic marketing partner for most Indian and global businesses.

It is about user engagement, audience segmentation, and also branded push ads, if you want — an easy and universal push notifications tool.

So, we are looking forward to seeing you with us! And to boost your marketing strategies…

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