How to Include Monetization in Your Push Strategy: Insightful Tips

When you gather a subscriber base, it’s a first step to make. The second one is earning from these users. Why not? 

However, there are a range of questions that usually arise when you get that idea. If monetization with push notifications seems complicated and hard to approach, then this guide is for you. We will discuss the basics that will help you start making the most of your strategy. 

This article is practical, since it is based on the questions our customer support team receives from you most often. 

Push monetization: what to consider before you start?

So push monetization is something new to you, but you are ready to put your hands on it. And Notix can help with the best practice of push notifications. Here is your checklist: 

  • One format, one pricing model: at Notix, you have a CPM pricing model and push notifications to rely on. 
  • Collect a base first: before you apply for monetization, make sure you get a base of at least 1000 subscribers, since this is the minimal number of users to make monetization service available. Also, don’t forget that Notix offers a simple and fast subscriber migration for those who have been using another push service before.
  • Mind the policies: remember that we don’t work with any forms of illegal/harmful content – adult websites, pirating, fraud, etc.
  • Set ad frequency and advertising content types: choose ad frequency and make sure to include information about the ad content categories you don’t want to work with, since these settings will influence your future profit.
  • Make sure your profile is completed: full and accurate account information will speed up the process of your monetization request approval.

How to combine your current push strategy with monetization?

Now when you know the fundamental conditions required to start monetizing with push, you must be wondering how to include it in your current campaign. How to start adding ads into your delivered content without making your subscribers run away? You ask, we respond. 

First and foremost, you must take care of the balance between the amount of content you are already sending and advertising messages. That’s the golden rule. 

Since you do have full control over your push delivery, make sure to adjust the number of sent notifications and frequency regarding that your users will also receive ads.

Imagine that your content + ads = significantly more messages. 

Say, if you post 10 posts daily (for example, if you have a News platform) and send custom push notifications for each, together with ads, this might be too much. 

Make sure to schedule and plan your messages, choosing the best days and hours to deliver them. Mind the niche peculiarities when deciding on the amount of push messages to send. For most niches (eCommerce, Lifestyle, Education, Travelling, etc.) Notix suggests sending up to 2-3 content-based notifications per week.

Push strategy peculiarities for different niches 

Since we have already brought up the topic of niches, let’s cover some of the questions you may have about it. 

At this point, we need to mention that the main factor that really influences your monetization is the quality of your subscribers base, which is significantly more crucial than your website type. However, following Notix recommendations regarding a website type will also impact your results, even though this factor is not a central one. As we said, the crucial factor is the level of audience engagement, which can be improved by quality content which will bring more attention to your campaign. 

  • Entertainment/Lifestyle

For an Entertainment/Lifestyle platform, it’s important to provide expected content – lifehacks, guides, reviews, funny stuff, celebrity gossip – of high relevance. When your users are already engaged in platforms’ content, they will perceive ads more eagerly because of the expectations built before. 

  • News

For News, it’s important to keep up with reliability and timeliness, but also – non-intrusiveness. Since the world of news is extremely lively, here you need to reduce the number of usually sent notifications when implementing ads. This way, you will avoid annoying your users with too many messages. Focus on the most important news if you want to mix your push campaign with ads. Notix RSS feed will help to segment your audience and avoid overload.

  • Games

Games platforms usually send push alerts about rewards, access to exclusive content, events, and special offers. Since you rarely offer something exclusive every day, balancing your content and ads is easier for this type of website.

  • eCommerce

eCommerce is also seasonal in terms of special offers and promotions you may offer. Again, sales and holiday-related discounts are not something you provide every day, so adding push ads to your eCommerce campaign will hardly bring inconveniences to users.  

People unsubscribe after you implement push monetization: what to do?

Yes, this is the greatest fear of all publishers who start sending push ads. What if you end up losing your subscribers? What if people leave your resource after they see ads? 

We would like to warn you that technically until a push message is delivered, unsubscriptions are not counted. 

If you open your statistics after activating monetization and see unsubscriptions, please mind that those have happened previously and were collected on the back end. When the ads delivery starts, unsubscriptions are counted and reflected in the statistics. 

You don’t have to worry about that – it’s just an effect of the first advertising days, where stats include unsubscriptions from the previous period.  

Small insight:  If the number of unsubscribed users seems too large, please remember that there are more possible factors for that. Some publishers think that people are more likely to unsubscribe when you disappear from their attention and don’t send them any notifications. However, the reality is quite the opposite: people unsubscribe when you become active and visible, not vice versa.

So this is a natural thing that happens to most publishers who start active posting of both their own content and ads.

Now you know how to approach monetization, where to start, and what to consider. So isn’t today the best day to start earning money from your subscribers?  

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact our support team and see you soon at Notix!