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Article Update Notifications for Entertainment Websites: 9 Ready-Made Templates

We know that the struggle is real. And you can hardly resist the urge to send your users new content or real-time updates. 

But did you know that there are way more content strategies you can use? That’s right! Push Notifications that will keep your users engaged and hungry for more!

There are! And we’ve gathered the most popular ideas, along with specialized content, for your entertainment website. Just copy and paste these bad boys in your New Message screen. Your users will thank you for it.

Push Notifications Templates for Entertainment Websites

We gathered some of the most popular Push Notification types for mundane news, gadgets, games, and celebrities. And for each, you’ll also find a creative example of push content to just copy/paste in your Push Notifications creation panel. 

Give you subscription prompts some personality

Romanians have a saying: ‘Mana-ntinsa care nu spune o poveste, nu primeste pomana’ (En: The outstretched hand that doesn’t tell a story, doesn’t get charity.)

In short, stories sell – make sure to add one in your push. This way, your success is more likely achievable. 

Try giving your subscription prompt some personality, and don’t be afraid to show yourself. Messages have a lot more success when they’re personal:


Title: ‘My hobby is keeping up with [add main topic here]’
Description: ‘Hey, I’m [Insert Your Name here]. Can I tell you about the news?’

Welcome Notifications

These short messages will help you build a connection with your users, once they subscribe to your push notifications.


Title: Hi! I’m [Insert Name] from [Insert Website URL]
Description: We’re excited you joined our daily alerts!

Create personalized content based on category check-prompt choices

Ok, this one was easy, right? But no one said you should keep it dull. And here as well you can put some ‘you’ into it. Here’s an example we thought of:


Title: ‘You asked to know about’
Description: ‘[Related topic to their content interest]’

A true American once said: ‘If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.’ And you can apply the same concept in your push delivery.

Custom ‘Pick up from where you left off’ alerts

Remind your client where they left off an article, so that they can finish it later. This is a really ingenious push to send using the Notix individual targeting option (by user ID). You could also use a Website HeatMap, for more accuracy.


Title: Here’s where you left off
Description: [Article Name] OR [Main Subject Line] 

Ask for their feedback 

People like to play experts, add reviews, and rate services. So give them a chance to speak-up and you might get some pretty solid impressions on how you can actually improve.


Title: I’d love to know your opinion
Description: How can we improve our alerts?
For best results, don’t forget to make your question specific.

Portuguese also have a very interesting saying: ‘Puxar a brasa à sua sardinha.’ (En: “Pulling the ember to my sardine”. Or just look for your own interest. But in marketing, we know that users come first. So, here’s? a twist on an age-old saying.

Location-based targeting

With the Notix push you also have the chance to narrow down on your targeting, based on your user’s location. So, why not send them important updates about things they’re interested in?


Title: [Person] at [Location]
Description: Date and more in the article

Push Notifications to create urgency

Everybody loves to be the first. First to find out a new scoop. The first to receive updates. 
So, make sure to send push notifications that create urgency. Especially when we’re talking about highly viralized content. And if you can also tease with it, even better. 
Here’s an example:


Title: How to [teasing content]
Description: Find out now from [Star name/ this article / movie name].

Italians have a saying: ‘Vincere non è importante, e l’unica cosa che conta.’ (En: Winning is not important, it’s the only thing that matters.) Can you think of how to use that in your push strategies? Here’s what we thought of.

Bring back subscription abandoners

Think outside of the box, to reactivate dormant and long-lost customers. You can actually automate this function to send messages after a certain period of time. Simply by using the Notix Action-based push notifications


Title: You’ll never believe your eyes!
Description: [star name] did what!?!

Teasing content performs extremely well in bringing back lost subscribers. But make sure to lure your subscribers back with relevant content. Check their content preferences, and target them accordingly. 

You might even consider targeting by ID, to narrow down your targeting to the specific user.

Expert Analysis and more Exclusive Content

If you don’t already include these, here’s your chance to add new content on your website.
Influencers do it, regular people do it, so why wouldn’t your website also include an analysis and an exclusive content section. Aside from the fresh content, you’ll have new push notification messages to send. 


Title: The new [feature/product]
Description: Will it live up to the expectations: expert view.

In Conclusion

Indian sayings don’t fall too short behind. They think that you should ‘Pull someone by the ears and his head will follow.’ In other words, find the weakest link and pull the gain from exploiting that. 

However, we like the more user-friendly interpretation: catch your users’ attention and continue mind-blowing them from there on.

No matter what entertainment topic your website is about, you can always find new Push Notification topics to send your users. Just make sure to keep everything relevant.

Also, when you add the title and description of your push, make sure to double-check how much of these will actually be displayed for the specific Operating System (OS) and software that you’re targeting. 

You can easily check this with our Preview feature:


For all your other Push Notifications questions and information, we’re just an email away: We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.