8 Best Practices For Keeping Your Push Notifications Visible

We receive many SMS or app and browser alerts daily from various brands and services. These alerts are known as push notifications, aiming to keep the customers engaged and updated. Marketers use push notification services to quickly deliver messages to the users — within a few seconds. 

Efficient push notifications consist of compelling and concise content that helps to convert potential leads to buying customers.

For example, brands use notifications to inform about promos and discounts or remind them about an abandoned cart. You can also send alerts on new content or new products, or even some accomplished tasks. 

Want to discover the best practices for push notifications? Read on!

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8 Best Push Notification Methods You Should Follow

Some people find push notifications quite bothersome. However, this channel has established its worth in the marketing world. The truth is that if you create helpful, actionable, and distinctive messages and follow the right strategies, your notifications will both work for you and won’t annoy users. 

How to do it? We’ll tell you right away.

#1. Sense of Urgency

Time pressure creates an urgent feeling. That is why many marketers send messages implying the urgency to develop gimmicks to capture attention. 

For example, they alert the customers that a specific item is running out of stock. 

Example: Only a few pieces left! Get yours now!

#2. Use Exciting Updates

People naturally like being the first to discover something or get updated. So, try leveraging your push notification strategy by creating captivating messages with such words as “new” or “update” words. 

Example: There is an update for your software. Update now or Remind Me Later?

#3. Commend a Job Well Done

Compliment a user for a finished task, achieved goal, or a good deed. It’s like giving them a pat on the back and telling them they deserve to indulge. 

Examples: You deserve a break! or We have flights on sale, hurry up to buy!

#4. Avoid Going Overboard

Bombarding customers with notifications isn’t effective. Why?

  • Some people tend to get bored of notifications and unsubscribe. Meanwhile, others don’t mind the alerts as long as marketers are not overdoing them.
  • They might ignore your alerts next time.

Around 64% of users say they will stop using the app if they receive more than five push notifications weekly, according to an article by The web push notifications subscribers tend to have almost the same opinion.

#5. Mind the Timing and Awaken the Curiosity

Timing is an important factor in push notifications. So, do your best to choose a perfect time for sending alerts! It can be complicated, though — and might depend on your niche. 

Ideally, you should set your notifications to a time when your target user isn’t mind-busting at work. Pick a time that they might be idle, and their mind is at rest — maybe after work or before they go to sleep. 

At the same time, send push notifications that are engaging enough to capture users’ attention. But make sure they do not sound and look like clickbait or spam messages, otherwise, your push message will sit unopened in the inbox. 

Example: The Bagan Zone from the eagle’s eye view! Book a hot air balloon ride now 

#6. Promote Discounts and Deals

One of the examples of a good push notifications strategy is delivering promotions and profitable deals. Who doesn’t want to save money on discounts and sales, right? Your push notification should emphasize how good the promotion is and how the customers can profit from it. 

Example: Super SALE: 10% off! or Use GAP10 promo code – only today!

#7. Use Humorous Content

Forget plain and dull messages. Incorporating humor in push messages is now becoming hype. Modern marketers tend to use funny and humorous content to attract people. Hilarious messages bring cheerful emotions, and also linger in the mind, making your users look forward to more funny alerts.

Example: (From a Dating App) Someone’s interested in your profile! It might not be a good match, though. 

#8. Make Use of FOMO

FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is a feeling that you are being left out or missing out on the experiences and information in life. It creates fear of not being included in activities or enjoyable things. 

Use this feeling in a positive way: inspire a user to make a move and click your Call to Action. It is an excellent way to reignite the lost interest from your customers and make them recheck your offers or content. 

Example: Be like Selena Gomez! Buy your Louis Vuitton Papillon BB, too 

Level Up Your Push Notifications

Whatever strategy you choose, you also need an efficient tool to bring it to life. So, finding a good push notifications provider is important and can help you optimize the entire process! Make sure to find a top-notch service that can help create catchy messages and instantly deliver them to users.

So, what should you look for? 

  • Convenient integrations with your existing tools, such as this compilation of CRM software, which is crucial for building and nurturing customer relationships
  • Customizable opt-in requests
  • Targeting settings and audience segmentation
  • Professional customer service
  • Tools for scheduling messages 
  • Or other features you specifically need for your business

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