Push Notifications are the perfect solution for online businesses. Push messages help you communicate with your customers and upsell. Try Notix and see how your revenue can be increased.
Testing a new service can be challenging for your business. But it doesn't have to be. With Notix, you get every tool to make your campaigns more effective and the audience more responsive.

How can Web Push Notifications help you

Send your content
to users and re-engage
the audience

Send your content using RSS feed, WordPress Plugin, or manually. Get one more channel to communicate with your users and one more way to re-engage them.

Power up your sales promotions

Tell your customers about new items, sales, seasonal promotions, and send holiday specials. Analyze engagement and segment your audience by interests. Bring them back to the website and increase your revenue.

Communicate with your customers automatically

Automate your communications with WordPress Plugin or API, or integrate Notix with Google Tag Manager. Want to integrate your AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website with Notix? No problem. Integrate your RSS feed in a couple of clicks and send RSS feed news with Zapier or Integromat.
Push Message


Get one more
channel of communication