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Testing a new service can be challenging for your business. But it doesn't have to be. With Notix, you get every tool to make your campaigns more effective and the audience more responsive.

How can Web Push Notifications help you

Increase offer's
CR and CTR

Web push notifications are a proven way to increase re-engagement. Send out the latest offers and updates, engage users with new promos. Make the most out of your audience and improve your offer's CR and CTR.

your offer's CR and upselling

Turn cold traffic into hot leads

Stir up new subscribers' interest and turn window shoppers into regular buyers. Quickly grab the attention of users when you need it. Build a loyal audience to make your every campaign a sure-fire success.

Get higher

Discover the power of Web Push Notifications
– a cost-effective channel to communicate with your leads. Achieve the maximum impact and hit your ROI goals with ease. Check for yourself to see why affiliates are obsessed with our Push Service.
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