Targeting Niche Audiences: The Popularity of Push Notifications on Astrology Websites

Recently, we conducted an investigation about publishers that use push to drive more visitors, and we came to some quite interesting conclusions. One of them was a realization that push notifications work magic for very niche websites, so we decided to dig deeper into this subject and understand the correlation.

But the most fascinating thing was discovering how astrology websites rely on push notifications as the very foundation of their marketing strategy and one of the main channels to reach their audience on a daily basis. 

So, we tapped into this trend as well and dived into the astrology world to get a better sense of how the push system contributes to their goals.

What are the main push strategies for narrow audiences, why are they working so well together, and what type of content to implement in a push that’s targeting a specific group of people – these are the questions we answered in the lines below.

So just keep on reading and discover how you can benefit from push the same way astrology sites did and continue to do so.

Why lean on Push messages when aiming for a niche audience?

Running a narrow marketing campaign can be very tricky. It’s not a templated thing, there’s no one pattern you can apply to all narrow audiences. But some methods, like implementing a push strategy, can be very fruitful, no matter the audience type. 

The targeting strategy depends on many factors, but when you do have a website that focuses on a certain type of people or people with a specific interest, then it’s clear you should make room for push notifications.

Why exactly?

#1 Considering their pre-existing interest in the topic you’re covering, it’s highly probable that every site visitor will readily subscribe to your push notifications; therefore, you get an open channel that allows you to communicate your offers without any obstacles

#2 Sending highly targeted push alerts can lead to tremendous CTR increment – up to 30%

#3 Sending targeted push notifications enables a retention rate of 39%

#4 Knowing your audience allows you to create a more personalized approach in your push strategy, which results in a higher open rate; only basic personalization brings around 9% increasement 

Push: No.1 tool for Astro websites 

When it comes to a specific subject of astrology websites, we noticed that it’s quite a trend to use a push system within this niche.

A great number of astro websites present a push subscription window right away, as soon as a visitor lands on their website. And in the majority of cases, there’s a customized opt-in prompt, which precedes the native subscription box.

The customized window appears to be a great subscriber catcher, since it showcases what the future push messages will be all about. Some are promising regular daily horoscopes, some nothing but relevant astro content, news about astro festivals, or regular updates on your transactions (for calls and other services the site offers).

We were surprised how many of them already have a push strategy in place. And we were wondering why is that. So, we decided to subscribe to receive push notifications from these websites and get an insight into their approach.

After we started receiving these push alerts, it became clear that push is such a perfect instrument to engage astrology fans.

Astro push alerts are super fun, very catchy, and, some would say, a little addictive. We couldn’t wait to see what the next push would say, especially since the content of these messages was unexpectedly very diverse.

Astro push strategies in place

  • A lot of emojis

The very first thing you will notice is how colorful and dynamic these push messages are. There are always a lot of emojis placed all over the push, and not only the basic ones. There are emojis of a fallen star, crystal ball, those of zodiac signs, open books, etc.


Note: The usage of emojis in push notifications leads to increased CTR – up to 9,6%.

  • Content diversity

Each message was so different from the one we previously received. One time, you will be offered a horoscope reading; another time, they will call you to check the predictions that will mark your year. Then there are instant solutions from a renowned astrologer, an invitation to chat with the astro specialist, and so on.

The anticipation to see what’s next will make you press that button, which maximizes the push-open rate.

  • Catchy message title

Push message title is an individual segment of push content – the one that can make or break the push intent. Selling headlines can boost the success of a push by up to 35%. And the most important criterion for a good title is to arouse curiosity.

If it’s too dull, it will dramatically lower the chances of a user clicking on it. Now, it doesn’t have to be bombastic in order to attract subscribers’ attention. It can be simple and unassertive, but only if it’s well correlated with the rest of the content, so the whole of the message is attractive and catchy.

  • Push frequency

Astrology is one of the rare niches that doesn’t seem to bore people. This is why astro websites can send more than one push a day and not be sanctioned for it. On the contrary. Even though two messages a week can be too much when it comes to the great number of publishers, some astro websites tend to send from 3 to 6 messages a day.

Based on our research, astro push notifications are relevant, engaging, and they all have different approaches. So, push frequency shouldn’t be an issue in this specific case.

  • Playful approach

Whether it’s the content matter, the question of how often to send these push alerts, or at what specific time, try approaching the whole push strategy a bit relaxed. Yes, there are some statistics showcasing the exact hours during which people respond to push notifications with the most clicks, and you should stick to it, but to a certain extent, not blindly.

Try to create your own conclusions based on the behavior of your subscribers – it’s not always that they are the most responsive in these predicted time frames. You need to adapt to the specificity of your market.


To conclude

We suspect you already got an impression of how and why push notifications are such a tremendous discovery for narrow audiences. Astrology websites are very illustrative examples, don’t you think?

We will say that there are exceptions to the rule, not that this is a rule, but more of an observation and a trend. So, this approach probably won’t fit every niche you can think of. But it’s definitely worth testing it out and conducting your own little research. 

You never know – the power of push might strike the target ⚡️?