Push notifications for shopping guide

Push Notifications for a Shopping Guide Blog: 220k subscribers and +40% ROI [Case Study]

Is it possible to boost user engagement on a new, growing website, quickly build a solid base of subscribers, and enhance the site’s ROI?

Our case study with Sabsastaa showed that it is. We spoke with Karan Jethwa, the owner of the shopping guide blog for Indians, who will share his experience with blog Push Notifications as a part of his marketing strategy.

About Sabsastaa

Karan Jethwa owns three websites — and uses Notix on all of them, including the flagship project called Sabsastaa. This website is a Hindi shopping guide blog — here is how it looks:

Shopping guide blog main page

Today, Sabsastaa has more than 220k subscribers — and, as Karan claims, this was reached thanks to Notix. Having been with us for more than a year now, Sabsastaa can now share its experience, strategy, and results achieved together with our push service.

On Picking the Right Push Provider

— Before Notix, you used another push provider. What was the reason why you decided to try us?

Karan: OneSignal, the platform I used before joining Notix, was good enough —  but we could collect only 10K subscribers using their free plan. As a new, growing website, we found their paid plans pretty pricey. Meanwhile, Notix allows you to use the service free of charge if you have less than 30k subscribers. What is more, when we reached this benchmark, we switched to a special Monetization plan and kept using Notix without any fees.

Note from Notix: You don’t pay for our services until you reach 30k+ subscribers. Besides, we have a special Monetization plan that allows you to both use Notix for free and earn money with push notifications. With this plan, your subscribers receive additional push notifications with ads. Their interaction with these ads brings you profits without spoiling user experience: our feed includes only brand-safe and relevant offers.

On Blog Push Notifications as a Marketing Strategy

— What was your overall reason to start using push notifications?

Karan: That was when my site showed quick growth — and I wanted to keep all the new and existing readers engaged. So, I decided to implement push notifications as one of the good tools to boost user retention rates.

— And what is your Push strategy? What Notix features are you using in your approach?

Karan: My push strategy is simple and goes with a single rule. This rule is:

— Don’t send too many push notifications in a day; just send one and make sure it is beneficial for users.

I also keep in mind a couple of other essential points:

  1. Scheduling. Time is a very important factor for push notifications. For my website, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. is the best, as most mobile users are active and check their notifications.

Note from Notix: You can schedule your Push notifications in your Sending settings. Also, mind the Time-to-live feature: it will keep resending messages to users who didn’t receive them, but will stop trying after a deadline you set.

Notix sending schedule

2. Push content. I share the most interesting posts or articles through blog push notifications to attract and engage people easily. And bright images with catchy texts also help! My main audience segment is the young generation, so I try to send notifications according to their interest.

Note from Notix: You can customize your push notifications with icons, preview images, emojis, and texts. Here are 2 examples of a clickable message:

3. Analysis. I regularly study all the blog push notifications I have sent. This helps me analyze and determine the most engaging notifications and use these insights for future communications.

Note from Notix: You can find statistics for each push notification you sent under the Subscription stats tab — sort by Message ID:

Notix push notifications subscription stats

4. Targeting. I don’t always use extra targeting options. Still, they are really helpful for some of my content — so sometimes, I add targeting by country, region, and last activity.

Note from Notix: We have plenty of targeting options to make your notifications reach their goals as accurately as possible. You can include or exclude particular countries, cities, or regions, as well as devices, browsers, languages, user audiences, and timezones. 

The Last Activity targeting mentioned by our client means that our system will keep trying to deliver a message to users who didn’t receive it but will stop attempts after a deadline that you set.

Push notifications activity targeting

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On Monetization

You added Notix Monetization. Did you have any concerns about this feature? And how did it work out for you in the end?

Karan: I have had a positive experience with the Notix monetization plan so far: it boosted my profits from about 20% to 40% and keeps growing monthly. Speaking about concerns, I just set the frequency of ads to show only one ad push notification per day — this is still profitable but doesn’t irritate users. 

Note from Notix: You can easily increase your profits from Notix monetization if you manage to attract traffic from Tier 1 (USA, Canada, etc) countries. However, as you can see, it also works nicely with an audience consisting of exclusively Indian customers. 

Also, mind the settings available for Monetization:

Notix monetization plan

To Sum Up

— What is your overall opinion about working with Notix? 

Karan- If you asked me to describe Notix in a single phrase, I’d say,  

‘It’s a 100% Perfect Push Notifications Service’.

My overall opinion is that you will definitely love their features and service! Notix is basically designed exactly according to market needs — where everyone can enter into a win-win situation. My favorite part is that I can have unlimited subscribers with the monetization plan — my headache is gone, as I don’t need to pay money to enlarge my customer base. And now I get some extra money from monetization push ads! 

Final words from Notix: we will be happy to be beneficial for your website or app, too — so