How Does Your Website Type Affect Your Push Content?

There are countless publishers on the internet, but only a finite number of topics and specialties that these content creators can cover. While it may seem trivial to some, your website type is extremely important in terms of engagement through push notifications.

If you’re one of these platform owners, choosing the best type of push notification content can make or break your efforts. That said, the best push content will also depend on the type of site you have, so you need to have a complete understanding of the relationship between the two in order to make the best decision.

At Notix, we provide comprehensive push services for webmasters that want to get the most bang for their buck, so we’re familiar with the relationship between website type and push notification content. Below, we’ll go over the impact that your website has on the content you send through push notifications.

Push Suggestions By Website Type

Let’s take a look at the most common types of websites and the push notification content that works best with each one.

News and Media Outlets

The best practice for news sites and media outlets is to send the most recent content to readers. But, some platforms can publish dozens of new pieces at a time. If this is the case, you need to create audiences, use custom targeting options, and play around with these settings until you get the best results. If not, your subscribers won’t stay for long. That said, you can save a significant amount of time and effort by automating push notifications through RSS feeds.

Types of content you should promote: breaking news, analytics articles, listicles, attractive facts, quotes from a specific source.

Push Notification Body Example:


Social and Entertainment Sites

Websites that specialize in publishing social or entertainment content are also popular among push notification subscribers. These pages often cover topics like celebrity news, gossip, lifestyle tips, and similar data in their content.

Other types of content you can promote through push notifications: questions, how-tos, recipes, exercise routines, and much more.

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Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce platforms are sites that consumers use to make all types of purchases, including intangible goods. For this industry, you can develop push notification content that addresses abandoned shopping carts, provides information about sales, and tells users when certain products are back in stock.

Additionally, you can also send out push notifications for weather-related/seasonal promotions and when developing a retargeting strategy that includes tailored message sequences. Publishers can form audiences using retargeting pixel tracking and send relevant push notifications that are customized to each user group.

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Web Games

Push notifications for web-based games are often used to inform players about newly unlocked levels, promotions, holiday specials, and player events, like an attraction from another player. Plus, many users enjoy the fact that they also receive reward notifications.

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Service Sites

Service sites are different from ecommerce platforms because the former doesn’t allow users to make purchases. Instead, service websites serve as catalogs that help users make better decisions. Types of push notification content you can push include listicles, tutorials, tip of the day articles, free trial expiration alerts, and other promotions.

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Educational Platforms

As the name suggests, educational platforms are designed to teach a particular skill to users. The fact that the platform is functional makes the push notification content selection process easier than in other industries. The most common types of notifications sent for these websites are new course additions, certification program updates, class or subject-specific alerts, and career guidance.

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Business Websites

Business websites are slightly different from most publishing sites because the goal of these platforms is to discuss or showcase a company (as well as its products and services). In essence, individuals that own these platforms often publish details about new products or services as well as recent company news.

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Technical Settings to Help Improve Chances of Success

Here are some technical settings ideas that can help improve your chances of getting positive results.

Category Checkbox Prompt

Category checkbox prompts can help give users the ability to choose the type of content they want to see, which is particularly helpful for news outlets and similar platforms. This also works extremely well for websites that have separate content categories. 

Some of the most common categories that news platforms use to sort their published materials include culture, politics, world news, sports, and technology. By analyzing each category separately, you can focus on the ones that have the highest return.

WordPress Plugins

By partnering with a push service provider that has a WordPress plugin, you’ll simplify the entire process and potentially have a more profitable website. WordPress is the most popular site creation platform out there, so having a dedicated plugin ensures that your site runs smoothly while delivering a great user experience.

Providers that have a plugin, like Notix, can help save you a significant amount of time while still delivering stellar results from your monetization scheme.

Fast Push Creation

For publishers, saving time can translate into increased efficiency and a higher revenue. While some platforms only allow manual push notification creation, Notix has simplified this time-consuming process through the Fast Push creation feature.

To use this feature, Notix users only need to choose the landing page and paste this URL into the Fast Push creation fetch bar. Once the URL is in the right field, hit the “fetch” button and the platform will automatically pull all of the elements you need, like the ad icon, image, text, and description.

Split Channels to Achieve Max Effectiveness

If you use more than one channel, you should ensure that all communication methods work in unison to achieve max effectiveness. In other words, you should avoid sending the same message to the same user over and over again through different channels. Instead, you should create a profile for each audience member and track which channels/stages these individuals are at.

Diversify Your Efforts

Using multiple channels can increase your chances of success because you can test and compare the results from multiple channels. Notix is among the best push services and a must-try for all webmasters, especially given the fact that it doesn’t interfere with similar SaaS solutions.

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