How Notix Helps You Continue Earning when Your App is Banned?

So you have been working hard on your application, then you did a huge job with collecting your audience and monetizing them. After so much effort invested, it would be fatal to get a ban from the app store one fine day, right?

Did you know that if you manage to set Notix SDK before a possible ban happens, our app push service could be your flotation ring? Take a deep breath and let’s find out how Notix can save you from a catastrophe.

What can go wrong with app notification marketing?

The truth is that 99% of developers and publishers use third-party platforms for app distribution to monetize their products. However, due to harsh policies of such services, numerous apps are being removed from there. And not just an app, but a whole account could be deleted. 

Why do marketplaces and monetization platforms delete applications?

There are endless reasons why app stores ban apps. The main problem is that everyone is at risk, because pretty often ban reasons are either not controlled by you or simply not revealed by the platform. And yes, pretty often, bans have nothing to do with the content/purpose of an app. 

So if you were unlucky to get a ban, you may try to appeal or fix the issue, but regarding that you don’t know the reason for sure or don’t control it, this decision is far from efficient. They do allow publishers and developers to appeal, but how could you dispute the problem if you cannot approach it?

For instance, the most discouraging ban reasons might be:

  • Invalid traffic: bot attacks happen, but how frustrating it is to get banned being actually a victim. So, yes, in addition to the Notix SDK that can help you solve the issue afterwards, you should also think about preventing it and get some anti-fraud software, like ADEX.  
  • Mistake: platforms for app distribution may also ban your product because of a mistake. Again, if the reason for a ban is not revealed to you, then a mistake from the platform’s side sounds like a real disaster – no chance for you to appeal and restore.

At this point, Notix SDK becomes a real remedy. 

Life after a ban: continue sending app push messages with Notix

Notix, a leading audience re-engagement service, allows publishers to send free push notifications on web and in-app. Plus, there is a monetization function, which is about adding ads to your push content (please mind that users receive your brand notifications and push ads separately) and earning from your audience, considering your app comply with all the regulations.

All ads are carefully-checked for quality, therefore monetization is maximally brand-safe. In addition, Notix partners can adjust ad frequency and other targeting settings on their own.

So, talking about in-app and possible hazards, if you have installed the Notix SDK before being banned, you can continue earning. 

Deleted account is not a disaster, since users still have your app on their devices and you have Notix by your side. 

Continue sending push notifications: application is saved

With Notix SDK, you can continue communicating with your audience, sending them notifications about updates and changes in your app. Here are some strategies to rely on:

  • You can activate Notix monetization and use the old app to send notifications and earn money from ads. Your collected audience will see the messages you deliver and bring you profit. 
  • Since you can send various content through Notix push notifications, this might be anything that can help you deal with the issue. Say, inform the user about the new app and send a link to it proposing users to move there. Then you are free to continue pouring traffic to a new app.
  • Combine ads to continue getting money and informative notifications that explain how to migrate to a new app – this will help you stay afloat. To be updated about your progress, you may try sending a message about the new app multiple times and check the metrics to see how many people downloaded the app. 

Take care of possible inconveniences now and set up Notix SDK as soon as possible. You cannot know for sure if you will get banned, but you can be assured that you are safe with Notix!