Notix Billing: Your Detailed FAQ

Notix has a number of billing plans for different businesses and projects – large and small. You are welcome to choose the one that fits your current number of subscribers and start benefiting from push notifications delivery. 

In this FAQ, we would like to discuss some crucial questions to make all billing details transparent. Read on and learn everything about our offers, payment methods, and ways to work with your plan smartly.

So, which billing plans do you have at Notix?

Main things first, so let’s discuss our plans in detail. We have four options:

  • Free: If your subscriber base doesn’t exceed 30,000 active users, then Notix is totally free for you. Sign up and enjoy!
  • Basic: If you have more than 30,000 active subscribers, then your monthly price makes $1 per 1K subscribers. For instance, if you have 90,000 subscribers on the due date, your bill would be $90.
  • Monetization: This plan is for those who want to send their own notifications to subscribers. In case you apply for Monetization, you can use Notix as an engine to send your own notifications for free even if the number of your subscribers exceeds 30K active ones.
  • Enterprise: In case you have a really large number of subscribers, we are ready to offer a custom pricing plan. Make sure to contact our team and discuss special pricing conditions for your account.

Which plan should I choose?

The billing plan to choose depends on two things: the volume of your subscriber base and your willingness to monetize them. All Notix features are available for each of our customers, regardless of the plan you opt for.

If you already have subscribers on any other service and want to transfer them to Notix, you are welcome to reach our team for instructions. Your manager will help you move all subscribers easily and discuss your future pricing plan in person.

Who is the active subscriber?

Active subscribers are those who actually subscribed to your notifications. Unsubscribed users are not included in this base. As such, Notix bills for active visitors only.

To find out how many active subscribers you have, just enter your account and take a look at the upper menu:


The base of your pricing calculation is marked with red. 

How do I pay?

We accept Wire Transfers and cards. In case you have any questions regarding payment methods, please contact your manager or our Support Team.

What if I don’t pay on time?

According to Notix Terms and Conditions, if the amount of your subscribers falls under a paid plan (Basic or Enterprise) and you don’t pay the invoice on time, we will have to pause sending push notifications. Still, you will continue collecting the base.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept payments in USD only.

How to upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Currently, we bill accounts regarding the size of your active subscribers base only. However, as we have already mentioned, all Notix features are available for all billing plans.

Can I have a discount?

We have a custom billing plan for accounts with large subscriber bases – Enterprise. In case you apply for it, our team will gladly discuss any special pricing conditions (including discounts) via email:

Now you know everything about Notix pricing plans. The time has come to start earning more with your brilliant push notifications.