Notix for Webmasters: How to Boost Your Pageviews

Webmasters’ never-ending struggle is to find new and innovative ways to attract, engage, and keep high traffic volumes. And while you probably looked far and wide for solutions to improve your website traffic, we’ve got a very simple and effective method for you to do just that.

However, the main reason you struggle so much to get traffic, hopefully, is so that you can monetize it. And if this is the case, then your struggles triple – bring a lot of traffic, keep that traffic by offering them the most pleasant experience they can possibly get, and also re-engage with long-lost traffic.

So, what if you found a solution that will help you solve all those burning needs, while also gaining some extra perks out of it? If that sounds like a dream to you, then continue reading cause you’re in for a little treat.

You see, that is exactly what we’re working so hard to create here, at Notix through our innovative monetization solution. Without further ado, say hello to your all-in-one traffic solution: Web Push Notifications!

All you need to do to turn your traffic into Push subscribers is to effectively set up our Push Service and watch your results greatly improve – pageview and engagement. At the same time, our Push Notifications will also help you reel back in a few long-lost users.

Verified Benefits of Using Notix’s Script for Publishers

Now, before we can go any further, let’s just understand this a bit. You’ve got two undeniable assets that you’re looking to monetize as best as you can. On one hand, there’s your website, in which you’ve invested a lot of time, money, and hard work. On the other hand, your traffic. And here is where the situation changes.

But let’s see exactly what you can get by using our Push Notification Service, to better understand the whole picture and why when it comes to traffic, you need to proceed with caution.

#1 Improve your Revenue through Increased Ad Views

Since you can bring a lot of your old users back on the website using Notix’ Push notifications, you will have an increase in ad views as long as you’re using AdSense or any other ad format. As a result, you will manage to increase your ad revenue.

#2 Maintain a steady traffic flow

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t exactly wrap traffic around your finger, because it continues to fluctuate. One week it’s big, and the next one not so much. So you’re basically struggling to work with the little (or hopefully larger) traffic that you’ve got left at the end of each day. 

However, having a reliable solution to reconnect with your lost users, comes in real handy. And not only because they already know your website, but also because you know that they are already interested in your content, so they are more likely to react to ads on your website.

#3 Establish your website as trustworthy and of great quality

Working with our solution means working with Push notifications – a technology of Google’s Cloud Messaging (now FCM). By doing so, you’re directly dealing with official technology wrapped in improved functionality, and this will bring a lot of value and credibility to your website. A thing that your users will most likely appreciate.

#4 Maintain an effective UX

Your website will continue running as fast as ever, especially given that our Push Notifications technology doesn’t affect its functionality or loading speed in any way. That, in addition to having a highly effective reminder, alert, and promotional window show up at the exact time you need it the most.

Also, having a very flexible prompt will be even simpler for you to attract and delight your viewers, without affecting in any way the nice experience you created throughout your website.

#5 Great for beginner Webmasters

You won’t find any kind of technological challenges when setting up the subscription prompt. That’s extremely simple, by following the 7 steps from below:

How to use Notix

Read more about setting up our Push Notification tag and analysing the results of returning users back to your website here.

#6 Effectively re-engage lost traffic

It will allow you to collect and group your visitors in order to best target the slice of traffic that stopped returning to your website and convince them to come back. Our Push Notifications are basically your one size fits all solution to connect with users from all the countries, browsers, devices, and platforms.

And what is even more you can also turn your RSS feed into Push notifications. This will help you automate sending recent website updates to your subscribers. All you will need to do is integrate your RSS feed with Notix, and forget about creating new messages manually every time you make any changes.

#7 Improve Your Performance by Bringing in More Traffic

  1. Successfully migrating your fresh, new social media traffic to your website will allow you to increase your monetization efforts. Also, this might lead to an increase in the bids coming from advertisers looking for more diversified advertising methods. “Worst case scenario”, you might improve your CPM due to the higher demand from advertisers for your kind of traffic.
  2. In addition, using our tag is free for any size of traffic for now. And although we are planning on adding paid memberships, you will always have the possibility to use our free plan for small slices of traffic. Reducing your cost will also help with your performance.
  3. Also, don’t forget that our Push notifications are a verified solution that can bring you a 30% better subscriber collection, than any other Push service out there. So, if you’re already using a Push service, start parallel testing Notix today and you might never leave (that’s how it usually goes).

#8 Increase Website Monetization

Although monetization is not a standard feature of the Push Notifications that we provide, here at Notix, you can still monetize your traffic through the use of our Push Service. However, in this case your audience won’t just receive your Push Notifications as in the previously mentioned cases.
Should you decide to monetize your traffic using our Push, make sure to contact us at and we’ll help you get started. You’ll be paired only with verified and most trusted partners, through a third-party advertising network that collaborates with top branded offers.

Alternatively, your traffic will continue to only receive your push notifications, with information about your content.

Are Push Notifications Really Good for Publishers?

If you’ve got an agenda and want to make sure you get the best results from your traffic every month, your best solution will be to try out Push. They’re free, easy to use, and always bring the expected results.

With a bit of experience, you should know that a verified solution to keeping a high income is to constantly attract new viewers. If you are an experienced Publisher, you should already know that you can achieve that by always refreshing your content.

And what better way to stay fresh and captivating, if not by introducing a new format that won’t disturb their experience, and instead delivers the most wanted information in real-time?

We all know that happy users bring in more happy users, as one of the most powerful marketing tools still is word of the mouth. And at the end of the day, we all want to share all our nice findings with our connections. More connections simply mean more money.

In conclusion: With our Push, you can successfully Attract, Engage, and Delight your users. And this is the trifecta of effective marketing.

So what do you have to lose?