Best practices for Push Notifications with Notix

There is always a fast and safe way you can make push notifications more effective and, at the same time, improve the profit from your campaigns. But do you know it?

As every trade has its traits, the same goes for Push Notifications. So, if you ever wondered what you should do to improve your performance, this is the article you need to read STAT.

To better illustrate it, we put together a Best Practices List, for you to check every time you decide to launch a new campaign.

Push Campaign Launch Checklist

We also included a bonus point in the ‘Best practices for Push Notifications with Notix’ article. Make sure to check it out.

Why is it important to check these factors before launching a new campaign? Continue reading to find out.

Push Campaign Launch Checklist

Understand which are the most important factors that can make or break a campaign, even before your launch it.

We even included a bonus point. See how you can best use all these, to highly improve your advertising efforts, increase your CR and improve your overall ROI.

#1. Double-check the Target URL

Before you send a new message make sure to double-check the target URL because your message and the URL need to be related.

You don’t want to target users that are looking for political news, with a Push about weight loss advice. You’d only be wasting your Push and the user’s attention for nothing. 

#2. Stay Relevant

Especially since Push notifications are short, you want to keep your message relevant for the specific part of the funnel they’re currently visiting.

You can try to improve this by targeting clients that were assigned to particular audiences right at the subscription stage. For this, we advise you to use the categories checkbox prompt.

#3. Limit the number of daily Push notifications 

As you probably already know, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. And spamming your users will certainly not gain you more wanted attention but more rather push them to become blind to your messages.

There is no actual golden rule here. In reality, only experience can teach you how to correctly set up the number of pushes you should send your users, daily.

As a rule of thumb, an affiliate might get away with sending on an average about 10 Push Notifications per day, while a news website should limit to no more than 3. When it comes to businesses, the best is to stick with relevant event-Push notifications and just go from there. However, you should stick to max 1-2 per day.

For example, if you’re working in eCommerce you could try sending one day the promo, another day – the abandoned cart reminder, and the third day some news from the industry. Of course, as with everything, over-spamming your users will only push them to simply unsubscribe from your services (which they can do at any given moment). Caution is your best ally.

For the best results, make sure to constantly test your campaigns. This will also allow you to find the right balance.

Here’s how you can set up your Notix Push Notifications recurrency, right from the bottom of your Message setups:


#4. Don’t forget about time-zone changes and adapt your timing for the GEOs you’re targeting

No one wants to wake up because of one of your notifications at night (unless you’re advertising for the dating niche).

Although you might find various online sources saying that they cracked the code to timing your ads, and they give you this schedule:

Push Notifications weekly plan

You should know that the reality is different and in fact, the optimal time to target your users mostly depends on the periods when they’re most active.

If that happens to be on a Sunday from 6-7 AM, then that’s exactly when you should send your push. 

Another common belief is that there is a perfect time to target for various niches, and here is a perfect example:

Perfect time to web push notifications

Do you agree? Or would you rather run your own test, and verify when exactly are your users more active and respond to your messages?

#5. Icons and images are amazing triggers when used correctly

Use the wrong size and you might end up pushing your users away from your messages. Check and test if you have the correct images.

If you use the wrong sizes you’ll end up pushing a cropped message. Preview your messages for the specific device you’re targeting before sending the Push Notification.


#6. Make it catchy

You don’t really have a lot of space to play with, so your best option is to choose something that will definitely catch your users’ attention.

You also need to give them clear instructions, so make sure to use an easily understood and actionable Call to Action, or they’ll leave without buying.

Let’s see the above example one more time:


Much better, wouldn’t you say? Using ‘Follow this link to find out why’ instead of ‘From petty-cash theft, straight to jail’, is more straightforward.

Although we no longer disclose part of the news, the clear call to action tells readers exactly what they need to do to find out what Mittens did, that got him behind bars.

At the end of the day, you only have a title and a description to work with, so better add a lot of value to them, to make sure your users don’t scroll away from your message.

#7. Give your notifications a human touch with emojis ?

If you go back to the above example, it’s not hard to say which of the four is the least attractive – Mac OS.

The reason why is simple. It only features a small image, and you get no emoji in the text. But at least they allow you to send your users Push, so let’s not ruin this by saying more.

Bottom line, when the text is limited, you can only get so far with just one small image. And although they might seem ‘boomer-characteristic’, emojis still add personality and emotions ?

But just as any other great thing, make sure to use them with taste, and not overdo it.

#8. Verify that your end result looks properly

Make sure that the graphic elements (images & emojis) perform as you want, next to your ad copy. Once again the preview option comes in very handy.

Because often, the idea doesn’t materialize in the result you need it to have, to make an impact and actually push your users to take action.

By checking how your Push notifications look on all the platforms included in your targeting, you ensure all-around consistency and functionality.

#9. Test and optimize your campaigns by the result

As you should already know, testing is an essential part of advertising. Although you might think you have a million-dollar idea, clients might disagree. 

That is why testing comes in handy, as it allows you to optimize the actually performing campaigns and squeeze even more out of them. 

Because that’s the key to optimization. You don’t just choose any random campaign to optimize, instead, you need to identify the high-performing ones.

!Bonus Point

Last but not least, make sure to create specific campaigns for each stage your users are navigating, on their journey through the funnel.

You’ve got a better chance of achieving this by excluding the users that already unlocked certain steps.

Obviously, this means that you will have to run specific campaigns, including or excluding certain audiences, or even using the ‘subscription days ago’ function.

Of course, these are just a few of the best practices you can follow to improve your campaigns’ performance, increase your CR, and up your ROI.

The job of optimizing and learning from tests is neverending, and practice is your best option. What other points would you add to your Campaign Launch Check-List?

Be wise: Push smart, not hard!