Notix Study: Getting from $200 to $71,000 Profit in one month

This is an actual use case from one of our clients, currently running push notifications campaigns with our services.

  • Traffic Type: Mainstream
  • Format Used: Popunders
  • Opt-in Creative: Survey Offer Landing Page
  • ROI: from 0.17% to 38%
  • Profit: $71,000

One month can make a huge difference when it comes to marketing. And if you’re working in affiliate marketing, you need to be ready to constantly improvise, adapt, and overcome.

That is exactly what one of our happy customers did. After a pretty rough month, he decided to put us to the test and now he’s sharing his story. But, let’s first see what he was doing before he met Notix.

Before Notix – Affiliate Campaign Setup and Results

Here’s what he was doing:

  • Traffic Type: Mainstream
  • Format Used: Popunders
  • Opt-in Creative: Survey Offer Landing Page

In simple words, our client was generating leads by attracting them with a Survey Landing Page.

Once users answered the questions, they got redirected to a TrafficBack URL – a link using a smart rotation algorithm for various mainstream offers.

Back in January, before starting work with Notix, this method was his only source of revenue. And although was giving him somewhat of a result, it would hardly leave any profit after covering for the cost of the traffic.

In an attempt to make things better, he decided to increase the number of monthly leads, which at the same time would mean increasing the costs.

Here’s the outcome:

January Profit $200

Having a profit of only $200, he needed another source of income. That’s when Notix entered the picture.

February – Notix Implementation and Test Drive

After approaching us, the client added our Push Notification on his Landing Pages. This happened at the beginning of February.

Being new to push, he chose the simplest conversion type – 1 Click Subscription, with the native prompt.


He chose to do so, for the Push notification not to appear as a distraction from the main action required by the Landing Page offer.

Having used any other kind of prompt skins aside from the native one, the conversion process would’ve become a 2 step one – more specifically taking them 2 clicks to subscribe.

Doing so, the subscription prompt would’ve interfered more with the general flow of the conversion.

Below, you can see how the landing page looks without and with the Notix script. We have blurred the content of the main offer, to respect the client’s requirement.


To test the campaign, the customer started by sending 10% of the traffic to the landing pages that had Notix’s scripts installed.

This way, he knew he could evaluate the impact that our push would have on the CR of his main offer.

Here was the result:


As the client didn’t see any drawback from working with Notix, he decided to continue using our services. 

Moreover, he gave the full green light for all the traffic coming to the landing pages. 

And the result didn’t delay showing up, as he managed to attract 4.6 mln subscribers in February alone.


Don’t let the message number scare you. This is just the result of our customer sending many 1-time messages aside from the regular ones he sent during the test period.

In addition to that, he was also sending separate messages for GEOs, while also playing with the scheduling scenarios.

Luckily, he was using API, which means that the manual labor wasn’t that overwhelming for the affiliate, since it involves a lot of automation.

Full Campaign Launch

At this stage of working with Notix, he was faced with two possibilities:

  1. Continue to send his subscribers the same lead generation offer to increase the number of leads coming from his main offer;
  2. Improve his campaign (extra monetization) and start sending other offers that seem profitable on the TrafficBack monetization model, through push notifications. 

As he felt that the second option could be more profitable at that stage, he chose to go with it, and diversify the offers he sent to his users.

He already knew which offers were bringing the best results in terms of revenue through TrafficBack monetization, so he chose to send those using Notix’s push.

The offers he chose were: finance-related offers, betting, gambling*, and also offers from less popular verticals that were working fine for his audience.

*Please keep in mind that it is absolutely prohibited to promote illegal mobile gambling.

What Notix services did he use?

Finally, our customer ended up using all of Notix’s features in full, testing everything he could in order to maximize his results. Most of the features were based on API:

  • Regular messages,
  • Scheduled messages,
  • Targeting by subscription dates,
  • Targeting by country, browser language, platform, device.

And when it comes to the frequency setting that he chose for our Push messages, you should know that he changed it based on the GEO and the offer he sent.

As we already saw in the best practices for push notifications articles, the frequency of the messages can vary based on the offer or niche. But he also changed it based on the GEO.

For this reason, the CTR also varied between 3-5% on the freshest subs, to 0.1% on the older ones. This contributed to a monthly CTR of 0.51%.

And let’s not forget that his goal was to send as many messaged as it was possible, to get the most out of his database. Although this might not sound like the best approach, for his goal it worked, and he didn’t register any drop in his monthly performance.

Aside from the above, he also used SSP mostly to track his results and double-check the previews of the messages he sent.

An extra thing he used was adding extra parameters in the Target URL to better track the results he got with Notix, separately from his other revenue flows.

The Final Results Were Better than Expected

Although our customer had to increase his initial spend on traffic from $116,8k to $186k, it appears that he started using Notix at the right time.

Here’s what he achieved:

February Profit $71,000

Had it not been for the $51k he earned from sending those new offers with Notix’s Push, the results from February could still be positive, but much lower.

The bottom line: he managed to improve his ROI from almost 0% to 38%.

Of course, this is just one of the many examples of how one customer managed to greatly improve his campaigns, by running Notix’s Push notifications.

But it is yet a new proof that our services actually work, and can deliver great results, even in the span of just one month.

Seeing this actual use case from one of our users, what campaigns are you thinking to improve with our Push notification services?

If you need any assistance or information, make sure to check our help center or contact us by email.