Notix The Best Time to Send Push Notifications

The Best Time to Send Push Notifications [Infographics]

Is there any recipe for high user engagement? Well, yes, and we can share our list of ingredients: relevant content, the right audience, and the most appropriate time to send push notifications. 

Indeed, the wrong time can spoil your entire campaign, since even the most creative and interesting content doesn’t make sense if it is overlooked or out of place. However, how to decide which hours of the day are the best to communicate with your audience? Notix has some insights and remarks to share.

Key points to keep in mind

Before we move to the exact win-win push notification hours, let’s discuss some general points and recommendations on your campaign:

Industry and device

The first things to consider are your niche and the preferred devices of your target audience. The subscription rate depends on these factors and varies from 1% to 5%, while the peak rates can vary from 0,5% to 15%. For example, Finance niche and Android devices can boast of the highest opt-in rates.


The absolute leader for push notifications is Google Chrome — it accounts for 90% of push subscribers, while the next most popular browser is Safari. Just to let you know — Notix works with both of them.  

Short messages

Make sure that your text messages are clear and catchy, but also — laconic. We recommend not to make your push message longer than 10 words. Also, try to make the text intriguing, and don’t forget to add a CTA (call to action), so that users understand how to act and what for.

So, here comes the juiciest part of our article — the infographics devoted to the best push notifications sending time. Take a close look and learn how to keep your campaigns relevant.



Choosing the best time to send push notifications is an essential part of your campaign planning. Consider the industry you work with, as well as user preferences like devices, browsers, and interests.

Plan your campaign schedule choosing the best days and hours for your concrete niche — for instance, mornings are great for Media, Games and other entertainments are most desirable during the after-work hours when people have a rest.   

Save this infographic and check it every time you plan a new push campaign!