From 200k to 6 million subscribers and +30% Overall Business Revenue with Notix

What did they do? They switched to Notix, that’s what.

Outstanding engagement rates are more real than you might think. Just as you are closer to achieving your goals than you might expect. Don’t believe us yet? Read all about how one of our clients managed to increase his subscriber database from just hundreds of thousands to millions. In addition, he increased his overall business revenue by 30%. All with the help of Notix.

His success story includes testing countless push notification providers, failing, and missing out on a lot of potential clients. But with the help of our delivery engine, we were able to reel in very big traffic volumes, through scalability and stability.

Some background data about our client

Abijith Joju is the owner of Mallu Browser Games. He runs several websites dedicated to social web games and quizzes. His games are exclusively in Malayalam (one of the 22 languages officially spoken in India). 
His online gaming platform managed to grow some popularity thanks to Abijith checking countless other Push Notification service providers, both paid and free. Unfortunately, as he only had some unsatisfactory experiences, he ended up wasting a lot of time and money on the paid services. 
But our client wasn’t ready to give up on Push just yet.

The Mallu Group traffic before Notix

A little over 200,000 subscribers were all that the previous Push Notifications provider was able to reach. But that wasn’t the worst part, as a lot of them were inactive. The cause was, as Abijith suspected, the low engagement of the users and the lack of activity on behalf of the push service provider.

And that was when Abijith realized the importance of an honest and effective partnership. It was clearly time for a serious change, so he chose Notix.

“There are plenty of push notification services on the Internet, in fact, I have used all the popular ones both paid and free. But what makes Notix stand apart? It is their delivery rate and their customer support. Unlike other push services, Notix delivers 90% whereas others deliver below 30%.”  – Abijith Joju, Mallu Group Website owner.

What was missing for our client?

After carefully analyzing the situations that our client was facing, we realized that this was not an easy case.

So we took it slow by first introducing him to our top-notch technology. Given that Malayalam is spoken by over 38 million people, and his games are extremely diversified and popular among users of all ages, we understood that he could potentially draw outstanding traffic volumes.
But first, we had to carefully listen to his requirements and treat each with seriosity and the attention it deserved. This way we could build a solid relationship.

Once Abijith was comfortable with our proposal he decided to continue with our high-quality monetization to keep his subscribers active and engaged. This way he also started to make some profit.

In addition, since Notix is free with his Monetization plan, he would also save money from not spending a dime to send push notifications with Notix. All while keeping his traffic engaged from the moment they agree to receive his push.

“The monetization feature helps publishers like me to earn extra income without doing much work, and the Notix managers will be available 24/7 for your support.” – Abijith Joju.

On 30 July 2021, he collected the first subscriber with Notix

While migrating his clients to Notix he saw how badly affected his database was. In fact, he couldn’t move all his users with us since they were inactive.

The first thing that Abijith had to understand was that the subscribers are the assets, a thing the previous provider failed to underline and badly neglected. In fact, as soon as this publisher started using our Push Notification service we helped him build the best asset management strategy.

He chose to send his traffic 1-2 Push notifications per day, in order to keep his users engaged with his content immediately after they subscribe. But he also uses push notifications to return his users to his website. At the same time, Abijith decided to also monetize his traffic by sending them offers from finance, eCommerce, and media verticals.

So, with Notix he is able to send his own messages to engage and return users to the website, while also monetizing his traffic to generate a revenue stream for his business.

For this campaign, Abijith decided to first send his own notifications only to his database, and then when he gives us the green light we would turn on the monetization for particular domains that he chooses. Abijith continues using this strategy up to this day.

Here is what 3 weeks of using Notix looks like for him:


30x more active subscribers and 30% more in overall revenue

That is what 1 month of working with Notix did for this webmaster. And keep in mind that his strategy wasn’t aggressive. In fact, Abijith played it safe and steady, in order to see the potential of his website, but also to test our service.

He also chose a smooth monetization strategy – only 2 push notifications per day – while also creating his own content for the ad offers.

One month after he first started to use our service, this successful publisher thinks that:

“I would recommend everyone to use Notix. Once you start using it there won’t be going back.”

In fact, Abijith’s subscribers are growing at an incredible rate. Currently, he is sitting on top of a 6,6 million subscribers empire and counting.

Here is what Abijith managed to get with Notix’s Push Notifications in less than 6 weeks:


And he’s not done yet.

The most important thing that you must understand from Abijith’s experience is that sometimes what seems to be working, can be faulty in fact. But you always have the chance to go for a test run with a serious company. Come check Notix; we’ll help you find the best strategies for user engagement and to monetize your website as an additional revenue source.

Are you ready to take your traffic monetization and subscriber engagement to the next level?