Whether you're
a webmaster or
a big online
business, NOTIX
helps you engage
your audience

and increase
your pageviews

website pageviews with
Push Notifications



Re-engage, and promote
relevant content
Increase your traffic
Monetize your subscribers
Send your content to users
Boost pageviews
Website Owners
& Webmasters
Get higher ROI
Increase offer's
CR and CTR
Turn cold traffic
into hot leads
& Media Agencies
with customer
Power up sales

Make the most out of your audience

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Push Notification
Increase ROI with Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications Preview

How you benefit from our technology

Multiple browsers supported on both mobile and desktop devices.
Push Service available on macOS
Windows Push Alert
MacOS Push Window
Best Subscriber Collection
Push Notifications for Android
Android Subscription Window & Push Notification
Engage your audience with web push
30% better collect subscribers
Push Message
Push Service for desktop and mobile devices
Web Push Notifications for business
Web Push for Affiliates
Send Push Messages with Notix
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NOTIX is an audience re-engagement service based on web push notifications that work for both desktop and mobile devices
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